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20 minute Ccard Tarot Reading or Clairvoyant booking $55

Tarot Reading, Psychic Readings, Reiki Master. Holistic Counselor, Clairvoyant, Spiritual & Psychic Guidance by Diandra.

Tarot Reader, Psychic Clairvoyant & Holistic Counselor offering Claircounsel, Readings & coaching by Credit Card Bookings most days 9am - 10.30pm.

Outside Australia? Credit Card Readings
are still available by ringing
+61 39 444 0239 or +61 3 9756 6882

Psychic Phone Readings Charged at Australian $2.75 a minute
(minimum 20 minutes - $55). Tarot Reading Melbourne

* Natural Born Clairvoyant Counselor & Reiki Master SNHS Dip. Colour Therapy, Life Coaching, N.L.P.

Tarot Reading Melbourne

A natural born Clairvoyant Medium Diandra works closely with Spirit to bring you a clear and accurate Tarot Reading. Using both the Tarot Cards and Clairvoyance she guides you by direction of both the Tarot and Spirit. A qualified Life Coach & Holistic Counsellor she holds a large of Holistic Therapies Certificates and Diplomas ranging from Drug & Alcohol Counselling to Holistic Beauty. Distance Healing Is a specialty and offers both Chios and Reiki as distant Healing choices. Distance Healing can be blended Into any session or taken as stand alone treatments. She offers a unique blend of combined therapies and sessions to suit your Individual needs and all guided by Spirit.

Tarot Readings, Psychic Counselling, Clairvoyance or Psychic Readings are not to be used to take the place of a specialists advice regarding, Health, Finances, Legal any other area where you specifically need a Licensed Practitioners advice. We will pass on Information If requested and It is handed to us by Spirit but you must then seek a Professionals advice In the area of need. We cannot advise you past this point and will Infact not even have understanding past what Is given to us from Spirit. Basically we can advise, guide and Counsel you on personal and Spiritual Levels but cannot take the place of Professionals In any other area. Spirit points you In the right direction, It Is then up to you to seek the right advice to follow It through.

Just had my first phone call with Diandra, and she is absolutely amazing!!! She told me about two different countries straight away without any prompts, which I had been thinking to go because I'm at crossroads right now. She was also very accurate about my exes and why one failed and the other was unresolved. She also could tell me which country my pets would be going to as well, because i was worried about them tolerating international travel. She said I wont have to be separated from them, which is a dream come true! I am so glad that I called Diandra, because she has been very positive and had good energy, especially since I had been having a hard time lately and felt lost. Diandra is very accurate with numbers and gave very perceptive and spot on advice. I will definitely be calling her again. Thank you so much Diandra! I christen you my fairy godmother :)

Diandra- thank you so much for your guidance and expertise. If anyone is out there looking for a compassionate and accurate reader- call this women. She is amazing.

I never believed there were genuine psychics out there. Spoke to a lot who claimed to be highly accurate and not a thing happened. So sat back and waited on this reading and it all came to pass. Pretty amazed, I highly recommend Diandra to anyone who wants to know the truth.

I am glad I crossed my path with Diandra. I have been a very satisfied client for approximately two years now. Her precise, accurate readings, kind caring nature, professionalism, and great communication skills are amazing.

I have spoken with Diandra twice this year and both times have been touched by her kindness. Diandra is genuine ... you will not be throwing your money away by speaking with her. If you want to have someone work with you on the realities of life, rather than lucky numbers etc., then do not hesitate to contact her. Her advice is invaluable. Thankyou Diandra.

Wow- I spoke to diandra a few weeks back and asked her when I would see a guy I have a strong conncetion with and she said she saw the number 3. I saw him 3/3/13. She is yet to be wrong with her predictions.

I too have called my fair share of psychics and very quickly realised Diandra was the real deal!! Reliable readings!!

Lovely, polite and sweet straight away. Didn't tell me what I 'everyone else' was telling me, but had the hindsight to step back and see the 'big picture' of the situation. Didn't talk in emotions - but in ways to help me see past my own emotions of the situation to what was truly happening.

2 years ago, I rang Diandra in a complete and utter meltdown! Don't worry she said... I get 6 weeks! 5 weeks and 6 days later, my dreams came true! I have never met anyone so spot on with accuracy! And yes every time I start spinning the first person I call is her! You truly are an amazing reader! Thank you for listening to me when I have yelled, sworn, cried and laughed! Your guidance has kept me strong in the week times! Recommend you to anyone :-)

Diandra is great, she really helped to give me guidance in my love life and just my life in general. I highly recommend her and I will tell my friends to phone her.